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memorial website was created in the  memory of our loved one, Arthur Baselice III who was born in Fort Worth, Texas on June 30, 1978 and passed away on November 30, 2006 at the age of 28. 

What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us. Helen Keller 

Music is the language spoken by angels.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 


Born in Fort Worth, TX he was a Mantua resident for 10 years. Art enjoyed football, baseball, and basketball. He played football for Penn Charter & Calvary Athletic Association and was an avid Eagles fan. He loved spending time with his family and friends. 

He is survived by his parents Elaine (nee Capizzi) and Arthur J. Jr. of Mantua, his son Anthony J. Millar and Anthony’s mother, Noelle, his sister Ashleigh Baselice of Mantua, grandmother, Janet Capizzi, grandfather, Arthur J. Baselice Sr., his aunts, uncles, cousins, 
and their families. 

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unbelievably brave it was for you to speak out Art. Others will surely benefit from your courage and strength.  Your mom, dad, family and friends will continue to get the word out.

If you need help adding pictures please feel free to email me.
We will remember you forever. 

This site is not only a tribute to Art but a special gift to his family and friends. Your written memories will be a comfort to others who read them. You will find yourself coming back here over and 
over to read thoughts, express your own emotions, and to talk to Art through written words.

Light candles often, share stories, pictures and let family and friends comfort you. Don't let bitterness overtake you. Art would want you to be happy and productive as you live out all the days of your lives. 
He knows how his family struggled to help him and what a lucky man he was to have all of you in his life.

We will always keep Art's memory alive.

"God grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change...
COURAGE to change things I can, and WISDOM to know the difference." 

Thank you Ant for selecting one of daddy's favorite songs for the background music. I am sure he hears it everytime someone stops by.

Love you baby 

Tributes and Condolences
I carry your heart with me   / November 30, 2007
I asked for Art to bring his family a special thought today and he brought me this poem.....for you.i carry your hearts with me(i carry them in my heart)i am never without them(anywhere i go you go,my dear family; i want no world(...  Continue >>
Dedication  / Aunt Ann
This site is not only a tribute to Art but a special gift to his family and friends. Your written memories are a comfort not only to others who read them but to You to be able to express your feelings. You will find yourself coming back here over and...  Continue >>
Unconscionable  / Rob And Sharon Rudderow
When my sister told your story I found it appalling as well as heartbreaking. To think that a young life was so desecrated by an individual alleging to represent God is unthinkable. It is an inconceivable and tragic injustice wrought on a young li...  Continue >>
please contact Elaine   / Richie Powell (very good friend )
Dear Elaine
 I have been thinking about you and Arthur and would really love to hear from you sorry I lost your phone number I am living in Vero Beach Fla. now for the past 18 mo's or so and think of you often if you recieve this please get...  Continue >>
I'm Coming!   / Rich G. (None)
Your life and your death has left a legacy and will continue to persaude those of us so wrongfully abused and oppressed by those who'd prefer destroying a child rather than saving one. I promise you that! The Catholic Ch...  Continue >>
The Catholic Church  / Stephen LaPenta (fellow police officer to his dad )    Read >>
I am so disgusted...  / Angela Stolz (just someone who cares... )    Read >>
Dear Mr.Arthur....  / Bianca Vance (Visitor)    Read >>
Little Artie  / Tracy Ficzko Hitch (friend)    Read >>
Always Loving and Thinking of You Arthur  / Suzanne &. Tommy McKegney (cousin)    Read >>
My thoughts are with you  / David Drayton (acquaintance)    Read >>
Friend of Arthur's ( Alpha house)  / Dana Miller (childhood friend )    Read >>
Baselice Family  / Rachel Lombardo (Starace (friend)    Read >>
he is at peace now  / Katie Mcgarry     Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Joanne Millar (His son's grandmother )    Read >>
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His legacy
Our Son  


" Our Arthur" To know him was to love him. Arthur had a contagious laugh with smiling eyes, he could capture anyone heart  the first time meeting him.  Arthur loved music & sports, it is hard to say which was his first & true love, but my guess would be music.  He went from country to rock to rap classics, r &b the list is endless as was his love for them all.  He started listening at about the age of two, & it only esclated as he grew up.Thats why I nicknamed him "My Music Man"!

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Arthur's Photo Album
September 2006
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